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punk duck

the dine and dash...

Posted by mazmania on 2007.01.06 at 03:37
yup it happened to me yesterday.

three guys, end of lunch time. *which means it was broad daylight*. i had a feeling they were going to do it about half way through the meal.

their check included 2 jack/coke singles, 6 jack/coke doubles, 2 double 1800 shots, calamari, shrimp scampi app., t-bone, pork filetino, and a tour of italy.

hosts were alerted, other servers, managers..they all knew about the 150 dollar lunch check and we were all watching them.

super nice guys at the table *of course they were, they were getting the best of the best for free*

my manager went outside and wrote down all the license plate numbers before they even left...just incase.

now i really hate to assume that a table is going to run on a check. i know when my boyfriend and i go out sometimes in a scruffy shirt and jeans we could just as easily look like we are going to do the same. but these people just gave me the feeling but i tried to repress it.

my manager went to get a few of the line cooks to stand at the front door with him, and that's when the guys asked for boxes and another drink. i told my friend that this is when they were gonna do it if they were indeed going to leave so she was watching from afar. the second i had my hand on the boxes she yells 'there they go!!!'.

the hosts had just changed shifts so the two up there had no idea and my manager + two large line cooks were on their way to the front from the other side of the restaurant. but they made their way out the door with 5'2" little me on their tail. screaming the whole way. i was so freaking pissed. they started running three different directions to main roads *i'm right in the middle of orlando...good luck finding them* my manager was like 2 seconds behind me. but we stopped chasing them once we got to the road.

just so unnerving to think that people have the balls to do that at 430 in the afternoon. if they had left 30 seconds later they would have been caught.

cops came, i gave descriptions. but they wont be found. i'm just pissed that they ran me so much and i didn't see a dime. i really could care less if olive garden is out 150 bucks.

luckily since i made every precaution i could, i didn't get written up for it. *we do get written up if people walk out most of the time*

so there is my story...work sucked thursday.

x-posted in waitingtables and mazmania...with a few alterations for this community. a.k.a. the actual list of what they ordered.


azalea581 at 2007-01-06 22:07 (UTC) (Link)
Wow, that's crazy!!!
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