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Posted by azalea581 on 2007.04.26 at 09:54
How is everyone??

punk duck

the dine and dash...

Posted by mazmania on 2007.01.06 at 03:37
yup it happened to me yesterday.

three guys, end of lunch time. *which means it was broad daylight*. i had a feeling they were going to do it about half way through the meal.

their check included 2 jack/coke singles, 6 jack/coke doubles, 2 double 1800 shots, calamari, shrimp scampi app., t-bone, pork filetino, and a tour of italy.

hosts were alerted, other servers, managers..they all knew about the 150 dollar lunch check and we were all watching them.

super nice guys at the table *of course they were, they were getting the best of the best for free*

my manager went outside and wrote down all the license plate numbers before they even left...just incase.

now i really hate to assume that a table is going to run on a check. i know when my boyfriend and i go out sometimes in a scruffy shirt and jeans we could just as easily look like we are going to do the same. but these people just gave me the feeling but i tried to repress it.

my manager went to get a few of the line cooks to stand at the front door with him, and that's when the guys asked for boxes and another drink. i told my friend that this is when they were gonna do it if they were indeed going to leave so she was watching from afar. the second i had my hand on the boxes she yells 'there they go!!!'.

the hosts had just changed shifts so the two up there had no idea and my manager + two large line cooks were on their way to the front from the other side of the restaurant. but they made their way out the door with 5'2" little me on their tail. screaming the whole way. i was so freaking pissed. they started running three different directions to main roads *i'm right in the middle of orlando...good luck finding them* my manager was like 2 seconds behind me. but we stopped chasing them once we got to the road.

just so unnerving to think that people have the balls to do that at 430 in the afternoon. if they had left 30 seconds later they would have been caught.

cops came, i gave descriptions. but they wont be found. i'm just pissed that they ran me so much and i didn't see a dime. i really could care less if olive garden is out 150 bucks.

luckily since i made every precaution i could, i didn't get written up for it. *we do get written up if people walk out most of the time*

so there is my story...work sucked thursday.

x-posted in waitingtables and mazmania...with a few alterations for this community. a.k.a. the actual list of what they ordered.


Posted by kycpl on 2006.12.17 at 11:58
anyone decorating their OG for christmas?? We arent allowed to, we are not even allowed to SAY "Merry Christmas". No Christmas buttons, pins, nothing. I have worn an elfs hat for five years, now they tell me I cant. What happened to the "Family" part of OG?? Supposedly, we arent allowed because we dont want to offend any other religions. Well it offends me that I cant do these things. If i'm asked to cover for a muslim during rammadan, then i should get to wear the friggin santa hat for the holidays.

Strange that thousands of immigrants look across the ocean, and decide that they want to come to america, then when they get here, everything has to change to fit their ways. Thats not why you wanted to come here, you wanted to come here cause america was better than where you left. not the same as where you left.. sheesh..

Posted by kycpl on 2006.12.17 at 11:39
Just for the record.... I HATE DASH!! it seems like they never asked anyone who actually works with the system on a daily basis if it was good. Typical microsoft crap.

Some examples....

cool that when you walk up, it automatically brings up the log screen....
UNcool that when you walk away, it doesn't log you off....

cool that when you enter tips, it kicks the drawer open so i can get my $$$
UNcool that it does it when the tip is zero dollars too.

UNcool that it now takes three buttons to do what compri only took one to do...

UNcool that a manager has to force themselves off of one machine to work on another

UNcool that all machines aren't emulated, there's certain functions you can only do from certain machines...

WAY WAY UNcool that the receipts now have multiple dashed/dotted lines on them. I cant tell you how many times i've gotten the actual itemized receipt with a signature on it instead of the signed credit card slip...

I'm the cashier/ToGo guy, so I'm sure a server has all kind of OTHER issues...


Posted by kycpl on 2006.12.16 at 01:52
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WTF is going on in Indianapolis?? Anyone???

Posted by azalea581 on 2006.11.11 at 22:42
A friend sent this to me on myspace....

Rules for going out to eat...Collapse )



Posted by fabulouse on 2006.11.11 at 10:13
Hi all! New to the community, new to Olive Garden. My OG is in Dallas, and I just ended my first week (well, second if you include training). However, I am completely discouraged with the way things are playing out. My tips are horrible!! They were better while I was still training! How long should I wait for this to get better? I'm completely new to being a waitress as well, so I know my tips won't be stellar yet. But this job is not worth it to me if I don't start making more money! I am going to try everything I can to make it better though. Thanks for the help!

OG #1327

Posted by kycpl on 2006.10.05 at 01:32
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OG 1327, Louisville, Ky. Checkin in on the LJ thing. Probably switch to gripe mode soon enough. For now I'm a five year ToGo Specialist. Hideeee ho to all you folks. I've almost read all the posts so far.. This should be interesting...

our olive garden in orlando and our neighboring olive garden are going to be test subjects for a new bar/togo/lobby area. they are trying to make it more 'bar like' and less 'cafe like' to make people drink more.

so for a month our bar is going to be torn apart and a temp bar is being set up in one of our dining rooms.

we are also getting new uniforms. bartenders are switching from black shirts to olive green and short black aprons. togos are getting different black shirts, short black aprons and headsets to communicate between the 'staging togo person' and the one taking money up front. servers are getting long black aprons with built in pockets and new yellow/black ties. hosts are getting new ties. and line cooks are getting short sleeve white button up shirts. *gag* (why do our line cooks have to be dressed up? speaking as a part time line cook myself)

we also just got the 'pacing system' in the kitchen. also known as computer screens instead of paper checks. and a new GM who seems to be a straight laced, by the book guy.

our restaurant is improving but this between time is going to kill all of us.

please wish me luck and i guarentee i'll be using you guys as venting support.

x-posted in 'waitingtables' community

Posted by mazmania on 2006.08.17 at 16:45
we've been told at our OG that our restaurant is being renovated. mostly the bar area. *i.e. add booths, big screen tv, nicer lighting* we were also told that server/bar/togo uniforms are changing. khakis shirts for bar/togos. same white shirts for us but we'll be getting BLACK aprons with two pockets already in them..no more pouch. also yellow and black ties.

has anyone else been told this? i'm excited...however...i dont want to look like a bumble bee. i hope the ties are nice. it's all i'm worried about!!!

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